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February 9, 2010 / mattdyor

Creating an MVC + + SQL Site in 10 minutes

  • Get the proper software (___)
  • File > New Project > Web > MVC 2 Web App
    • Call the solution “MVCPlayground
    • The solution name (eg-MVCPlayground) will be the namespace for your solution.
  • In solution explorer, right click App Data > Add > New Item > Data > Sql Server database > IdeaDB
  • In server explorer, expand IdeaDB (click on the +), right click Tables, add new table
    • If solution explorer is not visible, View>Server Explorer.
  • Call it IdeaTable
    • You could call it Idea, but the term becomes overloaded…we may change this.
  • In solution explorer, right click Models > Add > New Item
  • Select Entity Data Model
  • Name the file DataModel.edmx
    • Generate from DB, select IdeaDB.mdf, the the check checked.
    • Name the thing (bottom box) IdeaDBEntities
    • Select (check box) tables and keep checkboxes checked
    • Model Namespace should be Model
    • Rename the entity from IdeaTable to Idea
  • Delete Controllers > Home Controller
  • Delete Views > Home > Index and About
  • Delete Test > Controllers > Home
  • Right Click controllers > Add > Controllers and name it HomeControllers, keep the checks checked
  • In HomeController.cs under “public class…” add “private IdeaDBEntities _entities = new IdeaDBEntities();”  and hit CTRL+. on IdeaDBEntities to add the using reference.
  • Build Solution (this makes the classes available for follow on steps)
  • For Index
    • Make it “return View(_entities.Ideas);”
    • Right click index, check create strongly typed view
    • Select MVCPlayground.models.idea (this is solutionName.ModelNamespace)
    • For View Content, select List
  • Duplicate the above steps for create, but select “create” from drop down and do not update the “return View();”
  • On the create view…

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